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Telephone international calling- Smartest Way to Make Calls Worldwide

Have you ever used international call card? If your answer is a NO, then you may be missing out something important. Telephone international calling has turned out to be a great boon in the recent years, allowing users to cut huge costs on overseas or long distance calls without even changing your phone line.

Calling family, friends and loved ones overseas has turned out to be a lot cheaper now. One of the biggest providers of phone international calling cards or telephone international calling cards in the market today, provides some incredible rates on the global calls.

With competitive rates on telephone international calling to more than 200 destinations all over the world, offers global calling service with 24/7 customer support and clear voice quality to enjoy hassle free calling in whichever part of the world you may be in.

Consumers will be able to access a simple and easy to use account management system online. This would provide consumers of all the benefits and ease of telephone international calling service. As a user, you get to enjoy incredibly lower rates on the calls to more than 200 countries worldwide.

The robust network support from will enable consumers to ensure reliable and clear calls and voice clarity all the time. The best thing about is that there are no hidden charges or fees. The rate that you get online is what the rate you pay for the calls. In addition to this, you can get the advantage of PIN less dialing for making global calls.

By subscribing to a global calling plan as provided by, you can cut on a lot of expenses, including cost of the monthly fees and the high international rates. When you choose to call someone abroad, you will be given a prompt to enter destination number. This is when you will need to dial in the complete international access code or international dialing code as well as the country code of the destination country.

At the end of the call, the user will be prompted about the total number of minutes left to call for their destination. This way a user would be able to manage their accounts accordingly. This is perhaps the easiest system available for people around the world who need to travel to different destinations frequently.  The best part about telephone international calling service with the use of call card is not complicated at all.

Before buying a phone card, you must keep in mind certain basic information that you require to choose the right phone card for your own specific calling requirements. For instance, compare the phone cards, review the rates, look for any additional fees, compare the date of expiry, consider the return and guarantee policy and all the other calling requirements.

Nevertheless, whether you intend to make long distance calls or short distance calls, you must always consider phone card with no or little carrier fees. But make sure you complete all the minutes. For the convenience of each and every user, phone cards are available in several denominations or values. So, you can choose the one that fits your calling budget and needs. Nonetheless, choosing phone cards from a trusted service provider like provide you the ease of registering more than 5 phone numbers to call at your own convenience and a lot more.

Do you want to make cheap international calls and send International texts to friends and family who are living abroad, then global calling service is your best choice. With clear voice quality, 24/7 customer service, competitive rates to over 200 countries worldwide, is the best telephone international calling service out there, it makes it easier & inexpensive to keep in touch with family overseas. Plus lets you view all the minutes you talk & how much you spent. With a simple-to-use online account management, offers all the advantages of a phone international calling service & much more...

 Advantages of

  • Fantastic telephone international calling low rates on calls to over 200 countries.
  • Our proven network guarantees clear, reliable calls.
  • No Fees & No hidden charges - the rate you see is the rate you pay.
  • View your Call Details for the minutes you talk & the exact cost of each call.
  • No Pins to dial – enjoy the convenience of PIN-less dialing for international calls.
  • Faster connections with Speed Dial to your friends and family.
  • Re-charge anytime, anywhere.

How to Make International Calls:

Our Telephone international calling service is extremely simple and accessible solution that enable people to keep in touch with the loved ones and family members. Telephone International calling is extremely simple and can be done from anywhere. Several codes are involved to make phone International calling and after entering the PIN the user is prompted to enter the country`s code and the number, if one is making a call in mobile phone and for landlines the user needs to dial the city code after dialing the country code. The international calls is instantly made and the users are prompted with the minutes left. provides PIN-less dialing option in which the users can register their phone number with the card`s code and they never require to dial their PIN while making phone international calls.

Following are the common steps of making  international calls:

  • User need to dial the access number.
  • At prompt they need to enter their PIN number or register for Pin Less dialing.
  • The remaining balance of the phone is announced.
  • At prompt the user need to enter the destination number.
  • The user will require to dial full international dialing code i.e  International Access Code and the country code.
  • The user will be informed about the number of minutes left for their destination.

The users need to make sure that they do not press “call” or “send button” on their phone after entering the destination number. This is required in order to avoid being charged by the cellular provider for the international call.

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