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SMS from Computer - Send Text WorldWide

Sending sms from computer is not a new thing. Well known global calling card provider like has been offering the convenience to send text message to mobile phone from any PC. It proves to be much faster and easier than doing the same from a small screen or limited keypad of a cell phone.

We all know that text messages are one of the most trusted means to obtain text based message to any cell phone user. Not everyone uses mobile email services. Therefore, more and more service companies are providing SMS options utilizing the web based services. The most interesting thing is that you often get free SMS options to a certain limit.

When it’s about international calling or sending text from computer, best known service providers like offer the convenience of sending global text from the computers to family and friends who are living in a foreign destination. As a global service provider, ensures 24/7 customer service, clear voice quality as well as competitive rates to more than 200 nations across the globe.

If you want to send text internationally from your computer, you can enjoy incredibly low rates on sending text messages around the world. With you can send text messages from any computer or PC or PDA to any cell phone around the world. The best part of utilizing Icellular’s sms from computer service is that you get up to 80 percent on the international SMS messages. Nevertheless, you can also enjoy the convenience to send up to ten SMS message at once.

If you choose as your carrier, you can send sms from computer and explore the most inexpensive and the easiest way to keep in touch with family members or friends overseas. There are no contracts, no hidden fees or costs. You can start texting right from the computer with the free trial and recharge for $5. No expiry. Once activated, you can use the service for 3 years time as long as your account stands valid.

Sms from computer service at offers you unlimited coverage to more than 900 networks based in over 200 countries overseas. You can view the coverage and check whether the carrier covers the network or country you may want to send your text message.

Want to get up to one twenty free international calling minutes and forty free global text messages then call No credit card needed. Just sign up and know about the benefits of their service packages and the international rates to make the most. You can utilize the volume of the sms from computer as offered by web portals to promote different services and products. Nowadays most enterprises utilize the free online SMS services and the modern technology to contact the potential customers. Without paying a hefty amount on the text messages, you can easily use the sms from computer service to promote services and products. In every respect, such services make it a lot easier for you to communicate with customers about the new releases and new services. 

When it comes to Global Calling and sending International text from computer to friends and family who are living abroad, global calling service is your best choice. With clear voice quality, 24/7 customer service, competitive rates to over 200 countries worldwide, is better than a Global Calling Card, it makes it easier & inexpensive to keep in touch with family overseas & sms from computer. With a simple-to-use online account management, offers all the advantages of a global international calling service & much more...

Advantages of

  • Fantastic international low rates on calls & texts to over 200 countries.
  • Our proven network guarantees clear, reliable calls & text from computer.
  • No Fees & No hidden charges - the rate you see is the rate you pay.
  • View your Call Details for the minutes you talk & the exact cost of each call.
  • No Pins to dial – enjoy the convenience of PIN-less dialing.
  • Sms from computer anytime, and from anywhere to friends and family.
  • Re-charge anytime, anywhere.

 SMS from computer with No fee’s, No Hidden Costs, No Contracts, & Cancel at Anytime:

 There are no contracts to sign and no obligations to SMS from computer. Start texting from computer with our free trial and recharge for as little as $5.00. There is no expiration, so you can use tomorrow or in three years time and your account will still be valid. Text from computer at provides coverage to over 900 networks in more than 200 countries. View our Coverage to see if we cover the country or network you would like to send your SMS from computer text message too.

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