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Prepaid International calling card Makes Global Calling Easy and Affordable

The first thing that comes to mind when activating an international calling card for your cell phone is the advantage of keeping in touch with your kids, family, co workers, business clients etc. Without having to pay for an increasing phone bill at the end of the month, you can utilize the international calling card to use it for long distance calling.

Many people who have already been using the international call card understand the convenience and ease of using it for global calls. It is prepaid international calling card that is increasingly popular these days. Most well-known companies like sell international calling cards. As a matter of fact, prepaid global calling cards prove to be a great boom for several customers, especially those people with family, friends and business clients living overseas.

With amazingly low rates on calls, the prepaid international calling cards provides a great opportunity to spend a good amount of time talking on the phone with a family member or a loved one. This is something which we have dreamed of, a few years ago. However, it’s a reality today, and we can utilize prepaid cards as an affordable way to remain in contact with the loved ones, business colleagues and friends.

Prepaid international calling card is a great advancement. It is through international prepaid calling cards that people from different parts of world have come closer. Typically, prepaid phone cards from service providers like help you to ensure lower international and domestic rates rather than most other long distance service providing vendors in the market.

With the use of the prepaid phone cards, you can save 60 to 80 percent or more on the long distance phone bills. Interestingly, you don’t have to switch to the long distance carriers in order to obtain the competitive rates that prepaid phone cards provide. You can utilize the phone cards from the convenience of your own home phone or business phone or personal cell phone regardless of the long distance carrier.

When you choose prepaid cards, you can save on the additional monthly fees as charged by most long distance phone companies. In order to obtain a competitive rate, most of the international carriers add in some additional costs to the monthly bill to get the lower international rates to any specific country as well. Therefore, using the international calling card proves to be budget friendly to a lot of consumers.

While it’s much possible to end up incurring huge expenses with any traditional long distance or international calling phone plan than expected, but with prepaid global calling cards you cannot expect to exceed the phone budget. Just get the prepaid card activities and use it at your own convenience until it run out. In addition to some huge savings, the use of prepaid phone cards even enable you to enjoy some low rates on long distance calls no matter where you may be located. With the ease of registering unlimited or up to 5 phone numbers with companies like, you can easily call from your cell phone, home, or office or any other.

 When it comes to making cheap Global calls and sending International texts to friends and family who are living abroad, global calling service is your best choice. With clear voice quality, 24/7 customer service, competitive rates to over 200 countries worldwide, is better than the best international calling card, it makes it easier & inexpensive to keep in touch with family overseas. With a simple-to-use online account management, offers all the advantages of an international calling phone service or international call card & much more...

 Advantages of

  • Fantastic international calling card low rates on calls to over 200 countries.
  • Our proven network guarantees clear, reliable calls.
  • No Fees & No hidden charges on international calling phone - the rate you see is the rate you pay.
  • View your Call Details for the minutes you talk & the exact cost of each call.
  • No Pins to dial – enjoy the convenience of PIN-less dialing.
  • Faster connections with Speed Dial to your friends and family.
  • Re-charge anytime, anywhere.

 Procedure of Using an International Calling Card:

The use of an international call card is extremely simple and easy process as one just requires to perform a few simple steps to successfully use this international calling card.

  • Consumers need to buy the international calling phone that meets their requirements.
  • After buying the card the consumers are provided with PIN number and access code.
  • The consumers need to dial the Local Access Number.
  • The consumers just need to listen and follow the voice instructions
  • After this enter your PIN number – or register for Pin-Less dialing online.
  • The users can check their balance and the minutes left.
  • Finally the users can dial the destination number & use our speed dial option.
  • Consumers can try our International calling phone service to save considerable amount of money.
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