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Best Calling Card – Long Distance International calling Made Easy

Long distance calling card offers a lot of conveniences for the users. No matter where you may be located, you can easily get in touch with your friends, family and acquaintances around the world through global international calling card.

Your choice of best calling card can help you to make calls at cheaper rates compared to the other phone service providing companies. Hence, you get to save hundreds of dollars every month using global calling cards on your phone rather than considering dialing direct.

When it’s about picking the best calling card, one company that stands out in terms of service, customer support and in providing competitive rates is There are no additional fees or taxes to use their services. The call charges are recorded per minute. The best thing about is that you can register as many mobile numbers you like. The company provides you the ease to register up to 5 mobile numbers including cell, home and business numbers too.

The prepaid service can be the best way to be in touch with loved ones, business associates, family remembers, friends and also relatives living abroad. The service is available in different countries like Jordan, Kenya, Russia, Thailand, Colombia, Brazil, China, France, Germany, Poland etc.

The global international calling card from is highly popular among travelers, students and to those who have to tour foreign destinations quite often. With right service at hand, you can travel anywhere without worrying about the costs to be in contact with your family and friends.

There is no doubt that your choice of the best calling card makes global calls a lot easier. The international phone cards and international calling cards of have been strategically designed to help users save on expenses on the long distance calling. In addition to this, you can save on the high charges of the local mobile phone companies on international calling.

You can find some fantastic rates on the calls to over 200 countries. With global calling, you can enjoy the convenience of PIN less dialing. You can also find faster connections with some exceptional features like Speed Dial. Moreover, you will also have the advantage to recharge at anytime and anywhere. The per minute charges on the international calls prove to be incredible for the youth to restrict their month to month spending.

With easy to use account management system online, brings you a lot of benefits of an international calling card service. The feature of pin less dialing helps you to enjoy global calling service at its best. Last but not the least, offers a large selection of global phone cards available to all the consumers, whether they are seeking for long distance international calling with the prepaid phone cards or expecting to save on the domestic calls within their native country. Whatever might be their individual requirements, will provide quality calling card service that will enable their patrons to stay away from the use of any such complex codes when calling different international locations. 

 When it comes to making cheap Global calls and sending International texts to friends and family who are living abroad, global calling service is your best choice. With clear voice quality, 24/7 customer service, competitive rates to over 200 countries worldwide, is better than the best calling card, it makes it easier & inexpensive to keep in touch with family overseas. With a simple-to-use online account management, offers all the advantages of a global international calling service & much more...

Advantages of

  • Fantastic global calls with low rates to over 200 countries.
  • Our proven network guarantees clear, reliable calls.
  • No Fees & No hidden charges - the rate you see is the rate you pay.
  • View your Call Details for the minutes you talk & the exact cost of each call.
  • No Pins to dial – enjoy the convenience of PIN-less dialing.  The best calling card.
  • Faster connections with Speed Dial to your friends and family & global international calls.
  • Re-charge anytime, anywhere.

Make global International Calls at Affordable Rates. offers the best calling cards available at very low rates and No fees. This leading telecommunication company enables people to make global calls to international destinations at the lowest rate, and the consumers can make cheap and easy calls from landlines as well as mobile phones. Global International calls service offer substantial savings on your phone bill, while offering a comfortable and economical way to communicate on global calls. With global international calls cards people experiences great call quality without having to pay any hidden fees. The cost of every long distance call will be automatically reduced with the best calling cards. People also enjoy options like pinless dialing, speed dial, ability of viewing call history to keep track of the calls made and the billed amount.

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