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You can replace all your international long distance call services with & save up to 95% on your global calls. can be used to call international & phone anywhere in the world from your Home, Mobile, Work, or when Traveling abroad. Plus you can login into your account and send international texts online from your computer in your account page.

Free Trial Minutes & Online Texts
Test for yourself our international phone calling services with a free trial. We don`t even ask for your credit card information, and you will not be charged any setup fees. We just want you to see how easy our international calling & online text service is to use, and how transparent we are in showing you all your global call information.

View Call Details
Now you can view you exact call minutes and the amount you spent for each call. Most phone cards & calling card services will not allow access to your call records because of possible hidden fees. At, there is No Fees, and we prove it by allowing you to view your call records.

No Extra Fees has No connection fees, No Monthly Fees, No Hidden Fees. You can see in your account exactly how much you spend & how many minutes you`ve talked. Most international phone cards have fees, at, we have No Fee`s.

Pinless Dialing
Enter & register the phone numbers that you make phone calls from. When making a phone call from one of your registered phone numbers, our system recognizes your phone number and you will not have to enter your account pin number. You can add or remove registered phone numbers from your account when needed for your convenience.

When not calling from one of your registered phones lines, we provide an account pin code so you can always access your account from almost anywhere in the world.

Icellular works when traveling abroad. works from over 25+ countries to anywhere, with the same low rates. Each country has its own local access number. Just click on the `access number` link to locate the U.S. & international access numbers.

Speed Dial
Use Speed Dial to quickly access commonly called numbers. This convenient feature allows you to quickly make your international telephone call without even having to enter a destination number.
- Assign speed dial number to the person you want to call.
- When asked to dial your destination number, just dial the speed dial number instead. Example: enter 1 then #.
- then automatically dials your destination number for you.

Auto Rechargeable
You now have options on how you would like to recharge your account.
With automatic recharging, you set how much to recharge when you`re calling balance reaches low. You can turn auto-recharge on or off instantly and as frequent as you would like.
Or if you prefer, you can just manually recharge account when needed, and your funds will immediately be added to your account.

Competitive Rates has lower international calling rates than AT&T, Sprint, Nextel, and many other large Mobile or Landline services provided by the large carriers…review & compare our rates page & test our services for free. Please remember when comparing international calling rates, that has no fees, none, zip, sero, zero, nothing, nada fees!!

Student International Calling & Phone Service
Inexpensive and reliable international calling solutions for foreign exchange students. Our online calling service is simple, reliable & cheap for students to keep in touch with friends and family abroad.

Business International Calls
Convenient global call service tool for business travelers for calls too & from overseas.

Travel International Calling Service
International phone calling service with call global accessibility & origination from over 25 Countries.

Expatriates Global Calling Service
Long distance International calling service for international citizens and expatriates & allowing to review call records is a helpful tool. has great phone call quality calling Worldwide
Africa Phone Calling, Asia Phone Calling, Europe Phone Calling, Middle East Phone Calling. & South America Phone Calling International service can help save you over 95% on phone call costs without ever having to change your local phone provider.
Phonecards, phone card or callingcard with outrageously low per minute rates are usually meant to be used for long phone calls that deplete the cards balance & may have hidden fees & monthly fees. Make sure you read the prepaid telephone calling cards detail information to see if the telephone card carries any maintenance or connection fees before purchasing. Again, has no fees, none, zip, sero, zero, nothing, nada fees!! This is why is better than the best calling card or other international call cards services.
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